The rule of law, and the rule of power

Kurt Schlichter asks a very pertinent question: what is the alternative to the rule of law?  His conclusion:

The alternative to the rule of law is the rule of power.  And the rule of power is always the rule of men with guns… History shows us where this leads. We now have a President, an alleged constitutional law professor, who believes that if the people’s elected representatives in Congress refuse to bend to his will he can just do what he likes anyway…  Today, there are no consequences for those whose law-breaking aids the establishment…

The moral imperative of the law is that you will obey and respect it even if you disagree with it because it was justly imposed and will be fairly enforced. But if the law is neither justly imposed nor fairly enforced, that moral obligation disappears.

Those last two sentences are essential to understanding the predicament of America, 2014.  Does ANYONE believe the law is currently “justly imposed” and “fairly enforced?”  Does anyone believe the President considers himself bound by any Constitutional restraints?  He and his administration intend to do all the public allows them to get away with.  To date that’s unfortunately been quite a lot, and this has only emboldened them.  Consider:

* White House: Obama could attack ISIS in Syria ‘regardless of borders’ and without approval of Congress

* …and might bomb Assad regime targets as well in Syria, just to keep it balanced

* Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty

* Obama proposes to recognize Hawaiians as a sovereign Native tribe (despite Congress’ repeated refusal to do so via their Constitutional power)

* White House preparing to give amnesty to upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants (at a time when 10 million or more legally residing Americans are unemployed)

So we have an Executive openly assuming powers to unilaterally commit the nation to war, negotiate binding agreements without going through Congress, granting Federal recognition that is not in the Executive’s prerogative to grant, and once again refusing the enforce consequences for entering the country illegally.

And Congress?  After noisily filing some sort of lawsuit against the president, they’ve largely rolled over for all of this.  Separation of powers only works as a check on tyranny when each party’s willing to assert theirs, guys…

So with Congress more or less standing aside for Caesar Obama’s agenda, what is left for Americans who believe correctly that the rule of law is being discarded before their very eyes?

Assert their power.  The Constitution is a contract between those who govern and those who are governed.  If the former now refuse to abide by the terms, then it is null and void.  We may well have reached the point where widespread civil disobedience will be the only way to reassert that premise… and our would-be rulers know it, which is why they’re preparing for civil unrest.

It doesn’t have to start in the streets, however.  Adjust your tax withholdings to the lowest possible level… and be prepared to participate in mass protests such as millions of Americans refusing to file their Form 1040s this Spring.  (Yes, I believe it’s coming to that… if not this year, soon.)  The law cuts both ways, and if one side fails to adhere to it, the other should as well.  If nothing else, this will hasten tipping the hand that what we have is the rule of FORCE, not consensual law.

That will be a clarifying moment for many people… and I fear the street phase may follow soon after.  Unless the people demonstrate they mean not to be ruled, our current crop of ‘leaders’ intend to do just that.


UPDATE: more here.


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