Everything goes, nothing matters

Ever marvel at how little followup occurs in the coverage of the various headlines that briefly grab our attention each day?  Is nobody interested anymore in getting past first impressions and discovering the truth behind this constant chatter?

All of these stories have something in common: tons of unanswered questions, which the news media shows no interest whatsoever in following up on. And no consequences. People die, nations rise and fall, money disappears, and everybody forgets. This can’t just be about the diminishing returns of the grotesquely over-hyped “information age” — though the blowback from computers and all they have wrought may be tremendous. No, the memory hole is the truest signifier of the times we live in: the Age of Anything Goes and Nothing Matters.

The list at the link above doesn’t even touch on the seemingly endless flood of U.S. domestic political questions: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS suppression of political groups in a campaign year, and so on, and so on.

Short Attention Span Theater: there are many in this world counting on that effect to cover their guilty hides.  Expect more from your information sources.

There are some of us paying long-term attention, though.  And I’ll say this: when the day comes we decide enough’s enough and take the gloves off, watch out.  Those who’ve spent their days monitoring the Kardashians instead of the real world will have a hard time figuring out where the “sudden” whirlwind came from.


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