Looking for kings in all the wrong places

A friend shared this with just the comment “Putin.”  (continued below cartoon)…


There’s so much more here than just the overworked Nazi allusion for this or that world leader. It gets to the heart of mankind’s constant–and futile–search for the Great Benevolent Leader.  This search is how you can have a French Revolution behead a monarch in the name of ‘equality,’ and a mere decade later elect another man (Napoleon) as Emperor. As the Roman Sallust astutely observed two thousand years ago, “Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for a just master.”

Why is that? I believe it’s at least in part because we were created to serve The King (and I don’t mean Elvis). And in this fallen world that rejects that Rightful Monarch, if we don’t have Christ in our hearts that innate need to serve and worship will manifest itself in other ways — all too often in the form of misplaced allegiance and fervor for other fallen human beings or trendy causes, neither of which are worthy of the holy mantle we try to place upon them.

Something to consider as we head into yet another election cycle: are we expecting too much from our all-too-human leaders, and by doing so, setting them (and us) up for disappointment, disaster and destruction?  It isn’t just Europeans who need to worry about the process depicted above…


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