Why ‘reform’ is well-nigh impossible

By now, most people have figured out ‘the system’ is falling apart.  Plenty of plans, schemes and dreams are being offered up as remedies.

I encourage you to read this response to the idea of calling a Constitutional Convention:

The problem is that this “remedy” isn’t a remedy and if it comes to pass what you want won’t happen.

I know this for a fact and, if you think about it, so do you.

I know what you’re going to say: How can you be so sure?

It’s simple: There is nothing wrong with the Constitution as it sits now.  The problem is that it’s not followed…

…All of this game-playing in the judiciary rests on the thinnest of foundation; so-called judicial comity and stare decisis.  That is, the premise that once a decision is made even if blatantly unconstitutional, it is thereafter the foundation of everything that follows and reciprocity and recognition is owed against that (blatantly unlawful) decision.

You can’t fix this with a ConCon or with “more Amendments” because they are subject to the same “interpretation” as has been all of the previous; the only solution is to unwind the previous violence done to the Constitution and then, if appropriate, pass Amendments that further constrain the rights protected by and powers delegated therein.

In other words, we live in a time of lawlessness and a lack of respect for what should be clear boundaries.  No tinkering around with written documents will affect that until there is a change in heart for those who will live within (and lead) such a system.  When the Founding generation is discussed today, it’s often a strange combination of trying to tear them down, while simultaneously decrying their “puritanism.”  OK, fine: let’s acknowledge their generation was no more “perfect” than any other human generation.  But they had something we now mock:

…a common standard to strive for.  That alone conveys much.

“In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes…”  Judges 17:6

In such a social condition, where nobody recognizes any higher authority over them, the ‘law’ is no protection.  It is merely a weapon of self-justification in the hands of those enabled to wield it.

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