Called it months ago (and I’m not happy to be right)

Congratulations, America, on importing Ebola!

I noted a couple months ago that it’s absolutely insane we’ve been repatriating physicians exposed to the disease in West Africa.  I’m sympathetic to the desire to want to treat those willing to fight a very serious epidemic… but there are ways to do it without bringing them across oceans to a continent that has never known this particular pathogen.

And now, apparently, we have the first case of someone returning from that part of the world BEFORE becoming symptomatic and being diagnosed.  Which means, in all likelihood, others have been exposed as well.  Even if we’re fortunate in this instance and there’s been no further spread, we are currently doing next to nothing to prevent a sudden disaster.  But then, to some people such an outbreak wouldn’t be a bug… it would be a feature.

Why there isn’t a mandatory 21-24 day isolation quarantine for anyone desiring to travel from West Africa to the U.S. is simply incomprehensible to me at this point.  (That includes all the military personnel we send over to ‘help.’)  But then, it’s not like we believe in enforcing a border or anything.  We’re too worried about being called “exclusive,” or worse, “racist.”  Ironic, isn’t it, that many of those who loudly demand unquestioning compliance with the pediatric vaccination schedule for the sake of “herd immunity” have been silent on the tens of thousands of non-immunized illegal aliens our government has aided and abetted in settling across the country in recent months?  These invaders ‘immigrants’ are in our public schools, and I doubt seriously they’ve all been brought up to schedule on their shots beforehand.  It’s statistically far more likely that this tide of humanity has brought along plenty of unwitting microscopic guests as they crossed our non-existent border.  Is it merely coincidence that this massive influx coincides with “strange” and previously “rare” illnesses cropping up across the country?

The Federal Government has, and continues, to fail in its primary duty: to protect America and its citizens from external threats.  Whether that’s disease, deranged Islamists, or deadbeat immigrants, it doesn’t matter… Uncle Sam is NOT on the job.  Worse, one has to consider that in many cases Sam is helping along those who pose the greatest threat to us!

Most of the time my critiques of government are focused on the threats it poses to liberty (and these are legion these days).  But the failures I’m noting here threaten life itself.

So if “…any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness),” at what point are we going to “alter or abolish it, and institute new government…“?

Wake UP, America!  Speak UP, America!  Time is short and getting shorter!


2 thoughts on “Called it months ago (and I’m not happy to be right)

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