The next wave is coming

One of many things Americans won’t be fully informed about until after the election is exactly what kind of “executive action” the president plans to take with regards to illegal immigrants.  The fact that so many pieces of information are being withheld until after the first week of November should tell every American all they need to know.

But if you need additional hints, you only need look at some of the Requests for Proposal being issued by Uncle Sam:

The objective of this procurement is to provide card consumables for the Document Management Division (DMD) that will be used to produce Permanent Resident Cards (PRC) and Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD) cards. The requirement is for an estimated 4 million cards annually with the potential to buy as many as 34 million cards total. The ordering periods for this requirement shall be for a total of five (5) years.

The full RFP document at the link (it’s a .pdf on the right hand side) notes the contract is for a guaranteed minimum of 4 million cards per year over the life of the contract.

So while many Americans continue to give up looking for work in the Obama economy, it seems the President is positioning to open the gates for upwards of another 34 million new arrivals over the next five years… or to ‘legalize’ by dictatorial fiat the presence of that many who have come here in violation of the laws passed by Congress.

No wonder they’re keeping mum until after the election.

What we need is a Congress that is unflinchingly hostile to anything this un-American, un-Constitutional usurper tries to do the remainder of his term.  One that will try to begin undoing the damage even before he leaves office.

Vote accordingly.


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