Remember the real problem

As pundits pour over the electoral “wave” sweeping the Senate back into the hands of the Republican subsidiary of the Bifactional Ruling Party, it’s worth stopping to consider a couple of things:

– For several straight elections, there’s been a shift between Democrats and Republicans, as restless voters, unsatisfied with the way things are, try repeatedly to address it by changing the labels on government

– Voters across the political spectrum not only continue to be dissatisfied, but that dissatisfaction only seems to be growing worse.

For all the energy expended by organized and grass-roots efforts on the “left” and “right,”  little seems to change.  Ever wonder why that is?  Maybe this will help:


There’s only one way to break this quasi-fascist union of corporate and government power. And that’s to reduce the power of government to dispense favors to corporations.
That means reducing the scope and power of government in general.

Think the newly-elected Senate GOP majority has that in mind?

Me neither.

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