The most dangerous years months

The Daily Caller ran this piece yesterday, warning that regardless who won the election, President Obama’s most dangerous years are still ahead of him.

Ever since the Republicans regained the House, Obama has repeatedly ignored Congress and continuously expanded the depth and breadth of executive action. In both domestic and foreign policy he has acted without any regard for the constitutional system of checks and balances. Obama was supposed to be some type of transcendent political figure for the 21st Century. Instead, he is more like some petty despot out of 17th Century Europe.

What is most likely to come is two years of a president who no longer believes he is answerable to anyone, not his own party, not the next Democratic nominee for president, and certainly not the people of the country at large.

I believe he has a point, but that the danger is much closer than that.

To paraphrase an old cliche, “hell hath no fury like the Democrats scorned.”  Obama may indeed try to act like a petty tyrant for the next two years.  But he knows his last opportunity to ram through his agenda with any semblance of legitimacy will be over the next several weeks, while he has the nominal votes of lame-duck representatives and Senators who no longer need care WHAT their constituents think, because they’ve already lost their seat.  Besides, they believe they know better than the rubes back home, so why not use their new “flexibility” to do what they want?  While many Americans are back-slapping over the ‘drubbing’ the Democratic party took, look for the Donkeys to quietly make their moves.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and we all need to watch carefully what unfolds in the months ahead.  We also need to be prepared, in January, to descend in massive numbers on D.C. to remind the GOP exactly WHY they were the beneficiaries of voter anger, and to demand they reign in any untoward and unconstitutional measures that may have been passed in the night before their arrival (amnesty, anyone?).  Most importantly, if the President continues to act more like Louis XIV than Lincoln, with utter disdain for any restrictions the Constitution places on his prerogatives, We the People need to demand his impeachment and removal for failure to faithfully execute the legitimate laws of the land.  The GOP won’t willingly do this, partly because in their hearts they are as statist as the Donkeys, and partly because they know that holding any official accountable for failure to honor his oath of office would be a bad precedent to set.  For them, that is…

But this demand for accountability and responsiveness is what it takes to be free people, rather than serfs.  Do Americans still have it in them?



2 thoughts on “The most dangerous years months

  1. Although I despise the labels and the nice neat little boxes that the media and government have placed us in, I would more than likely be considered a ‘liberal’ by the mindless masses who have forgotten all about individuality. However,
    “demand they reign in any untoward and unconstitutional measures that may have been passed in the night before their arrival”
    don’t for a second think democrats are not guilty of unconstitutional initiatives, especially directed towards the Second Amendment. You either support the Bill of Rights or you don’t. Also imagine your outrage if a republican President pushed their agenda in a lame duck session. This type of partisanship and hypocrisy will be our undoing. Drop the labels, drop the hypocrisy, drop the partisanship, and let’s begin to actually progress as a country. See Theodore Roosevelt for the original American progressive.

    Unite or Die

    • Well said. The labels and boxes are used to divide and conquer; to pit groups against each other based on assumptions rather than dialogue and a real exchange of ideas. BOTH sides need to start looking at how their definition of “right and appropriate” changes depending on which faction is in power at the moment. This is one of their common failings. As for “we the people,” we need to stop asking the government to do so much in so many areas… if we didn’t feed the beast of big government that way, there wouldn’t be so much power for the two teams to throw around at each other. And us.

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