A succinct description

…of how government in general seems to work these days:

“…taxpayers paid Jonathan Gruber in the mid-six-figures to lie to them, and then brag about it to all of his friends and fans later.”

The fact that Nancy Pelosi’s first instinct about the Gruber videos was to deny any knowledge of or association with him (i.e. ALSO lie), just shows these videos aren’t merely a case of one individual showing poor judgement.  They are a reflection of how our political class thinks and operates.  This Standard Operating Procedure is not limited to the Democrats, either, even if they tend to be more brazen about it.  That’s why elections have largely become meaningless.

Why are these people allowed to retain any place in society, much less positions of power and influence? Why are they not so heckled, hounded and humiliated that they dare not show their face anywhere? Washington is too powerful, too intrusive, and infested with pathological liars and egomaniacs.  Not all that long ago, such behavior as this would have resulted in a total loss of public standing, with shame and shunning the norm. That this is no longer the case is a major reason why America is no longer free.

If “government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed,” and government today acts unjustly, unconstitutionally, deceitfully and with complete disregard for those who live in this land, at what point do we withdraw our consent?

I believe that to be the question of our times.  And I still believe the place to start is with taxation.  Minimize your withholdings, and be prepared to refuse to file any paperwork this year.  The radical left likes strikes against businesses.  Why not go “on strike” against intolerable government?  It might cost you a small ‘refund’ (which is just your money that Uncle Sam’s been holding hostage anyway).  But instead of just complaining about federal agencies like the IRS that have demonstrated zero respect for the rule of law, isn’t it time we just refuse to play their corrupt games?

We’re all afraid individually of what “the system” might do to us.  We forget that they only have the power over the people that we allow them to have.


3 thoughts on “A succinct description

  1. Have you read Gene Sharp’s works on nonviolent action? Good stuff. It identifies other necessary components which we do not have, or, for some reason, think we should not do. In many ways, Americans have lost the understanding but how to organize effectively.

    • I’ll have to check that out. I deeply hope that our efforts to reign in this out-of-control corporatocracy can remain at the non-violent level. But I’m also convinced Americans will have to get well outside their current comfort zone, committing acts of protest and non-compliance they currently think beyond the pale, before anything is likely to change. The powers that be don’t mind protests, marches or complaining… so long as we pay our taxes on time and generally comply with whatever their current whims are. That has to stop.

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