As I was saying…

… I’m not the only one who had this reaction to King Obama’s infuriatingly condescending address this evening:

pretend copy


And that should start with taxes. If Congress doesn’t have the guts to exercise their prerogative to refuse to fund this usurpation of power, We the People have no choice but to defund the entire fraudulent apparatus of the District of Corruption.

You likely can’t get your employer to agree, but you CAN minimize your withholdings. Come April, instead of dutifully filing their 1040s, millions of Americans need to tell the IRS — and by extension, the government — to take this entire corrupt racket and shove it.

Our ruling class has shown its colors.  At a time when many, if not most Americans are struggling in a nation that is unraveling before their very eyes, our government will sanction adding millions of competitors who came here illegally, thus encouraging yet another wave of invasion, as happened after 1986.

Civil disobedience is the last option remaining between the stark choices of perpetual submission to this level of abuse, or fighting.  You may not want to risk the conflict, but the conflict is already upon you.


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