Barbarism resurgent

Jerry Pournelle points out the failure to restrain barbarism inside the gates:

We have a barbarian culture within the United States. The most common cause of death of black males is to be killed by another black male. There are other sub cultures in which homicide is common. Generally the barbarian culture does not interact with the majority of the middle class, but in so-called ghetto areas American citizens cannot avoid interactions with the barbarian culture. They live there, and they can’t avoid it…

The cure for barbarians within the gates is to educate the barbarian children. Humans are not born civilized. They acquire civility by living in civilization, and they learn it as they grow up in it. In the United States we have had waves of immigrants from areas with entirely different cultures, some from more civilized cultures than ours, but many from less, and few in which civilization was based on freedom: American citizens act civilized because they are civilized, not from fear of apprehension and punishment…

Young humans are not born civilized, and civilizations that leave the task of civilizing them to chance sow the wind.

We sow the wind. We are reaping the whirlwind.

As I’ve said before on several occasions, I am not a racist, but I *am* an admitted culturalist, who does not for one moment believe that all cultures lead to the same, or even desirable, results.  And while I am not a bigot, I do admit a preference for a particular Tribe.  I am very partial to the culture that produced America, stained as it may have been by human failings present in any society.  I’m very saddened–angered, actually–by how that culture has been defamed and increasingly abandoned by society at large.  Pournelle points out that if schools aren’t civilizing the kids, then it falls to parents and the Church (and frankly, I think those agents have the primary duty anyway).  None of these institutions are doing the job well, though.  Broken families, absent fathers and theologically confused congregations are hardly efficient transmitters of civilization–what was, in fact, once called Christendom.  I heard a pastor say many years ago that every civilization is but one generation from barbarism.  If the values and standards of a civilized society are not transmitted, they are lost.  We have not imparted them well to our offspring, nor are we insuring they are inculcated in the massive waves of newcomers now crashing unrestrained on our shores.  This process of de-civilization (which is highly correlated to the de-Christianization of society and the strenuous denial of any objective standard by which character should be assessed) has notably picked up speed over the last two to three decades.  The same ethos that sees nothing wrong with burning down businesses that had nothing to do with a police shooting is also at work undermining the Constitution through executive fiat.  In both cases, the Self and its gratification is the only acknowledged standard.  That is the mark of anarchy and barbarism, not civilization.

For there to be any change in momentum now, there will have to be a reckoning between very different ways of living.  And when it comes I suspect it will make Ferguson look mild.  Just as we were once told America could not continue “half slave and half free,” neither can it continue indefinitely half civilized and half barbarian.

Teach the children quietly, for some day sons and daughters will rise up and fight while we stood still.”


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