* More thoughts about the milestone noted yesterday — the 5 biggest lies about our national debt.

* The Oath Keepers illustrate do-it-yourself community security–to the ire of authorities who will brook no competition or breaking of their monopoly, regardless whether that enforcement power is actually protecting anybody:

Rhodes also gave Vice this explanation for the Oath Keepers’ interest in the situation:

…in Ferguson, what they’re being told is you only have two choices: 1) a hyper-militarized police state to stop violence, including arson, or 2) let it go and burn the town down. Twenty different buildings have burned to the ground. That’s a false choice.

For Ferguson in particular if…they don’t believe that the police department is legitimate, they should be protecting themselves and secure themselves because the more they secure themselves, the less reason there is for the police to be in their neighborhoods and communities. So they should take care of themselves for both reasons—to be secure, but also to be more free.

* In the logic of some, a police shooting justifies burning down businesses that had nothing to do with the event.  If that’s the standard, what does five ‘youth’ beating a man to death with hammers in front of his fiancee justify?  If the expectation is that this man’s family and friends should calmly await justice (and that’s what civilization entails) and accept its verdict, then why do we expect so little of the Ferguson protestors, or make excuses for them?

* Surprise, surprise: the GOP campaigning in last month’s election that they would “reign in” Obama’s unconstitutional mandates will, in the end, amount to Shakespeare’s “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”     Dear Republicans: either steadfastly confront and defund the usurper’s edicts, or shut up and stop trying to pretend you offer an alternative to unconstitutional government.  It’s not like your own bona fides from being in power are all that authentic to begin with…

* It’s nice when our leaders encourage citizens to be involved.  It’s NOT nice when they encourage citizens to vote early and often…  Dear Louisiana: why is there not an immediate movement to remove this individual from office?  Any elected official that encourages lawbreaking–whether he claims to be “joking” or not–does not deserve to be in a position of public trust.  By leaving this individual in office, you are by default giving your consent to this.  PS: note that this mayor’s son is on Senator Landrieu’s staff, and consider that accordingly in the special election…

* This particular minute of wisdom doesn’t just apply to banking and finance.  You get more of WHATEVER you reward–something our society really needs to take into account.

* And finally, just an idle question: can anyone vouch for Igor’s  whereabouts?



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