The West is not dead yet

There are still those willing to speak up for their civilization:

More than 17,000 people have marched on the German city of Dresden protesting the “Islamification of Europe” as a wave of xenophobia sweeps the country.

Supports of Pegida – a growing group calling itself the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West” – filled the city’s historic square singing Christmas carols and waving German flags on Monday…

“We are the people,” a post on the group’s Facebook page proclaimed after Monday’s protest, claiming a record attendance of more than 20,000 people…

What has startled politicians, though, is that many Pegida supporters are not extremists or neo-Nazis but middle-class office workers, parents and pensioners.

The movement’s apparent appeal – going from marches numbering the hundreds in October to tens of thousands today – has forced Germany’s leading politicians to respond.

And by “respond,” they mean slander.  The globalist agenda will brook no resistance to the bland homogenization of the world under a spiritually barren, vacuously materialistic worldview.  So any attempt to assert support for the historic Christian character of Europe will be vilified as “pin stripe Nazism” or similar such rot.  It is the same dynamic that always seeks to tar Tea Party-type traditionalists as the most radical racists possible, but never looks too closely at the much stronger Marxist connections of the organizations on the other side of the political aisle.

The deck is stacked in government and the media, and more people have come to realize it.  They’re noticing that the same people who tut-tut them for any perceived attempt to “impose their values on others” also expect them to accept increasing marginalization in their own countries.  What frightens so-called ‘leaders’ like Merkel is that many no longer care if the typical slanders are hurled at them now — they’re going to speak up anyway.  As a German commented on the linked story:

We need to to have a public dialog on this and maybe a referendum, and our public SERVANTS should listen.

When I heard “nazis in pinstripe” was the last drop for me. It was clear that our elected leaders are considering us idiots, good just to pay taxes. Sometimes I’m voting for the Greens *environmental matters) and sometimes for the conservatives (fiscal matters). And because I do consider that we should have a dialog on immigration ^ integration I am called a “nazi in pinstripe” by those whose salary is paid by me.

We need more of this refusal to just let the so-called ‘intelligentsia” browbeat everyone into submission to their agenda.  After all, they’re really not all that intelligent, when you get down to it.  Snake oil salesmen rarely are.  And when you consider the breakdown in social cohesiveness that is occuring both in Europe and the U.S., it’s clear the utopian multiculturalist vision we’ve been sold the past few decades is just that: snake oil.


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