Saturday Sounds

Since the perpetual warfare of electoral politics is already spinning up for 2016, with stories about Bush the Third and others, consider this my open letter to both established parties:

Nothing the GOP or Democrats have done in the last half century has been any good for America… rather, only for their respective insiders and for the bifactional ruling class the two parties both serve. Want my vote? Then:

– Enforce the borders (to include aggressively deporting those here illegally, not giving them drivers licenses)
– Stop giving away Americans’ livelihood both through “free trade” agreements that are anything but, and by allowing lower-wage workers to be imported to undercut the workers who live here
– Get the government out of the economy — let the market do its work instead of blaming the failures of a planned economy on a “capitalism” that no longer exists here
– Get the government out of our lives — there is absolutely no excuse for someone dying at the hands of police because of allegations they were selling their own justly owned possession in a way the State did not like.
– Get the U.S. out of the business of running the world. We’re not good at it, and our attempts have only made life worse both at home and abroad. TRUE national defense starts with my first point, not with policing the planet.

So, to sum up: when you’re ready to discuss a vast reduction in the size and scope of government meddling with the masses (primarily by actually following the Constitution), let me know.  Otherwise, stop trying to interest me in the latest rebranding of the RepubliCrat agenda of Der Staat Uber Alles.


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