Not worthy of trust

I think the source of a lot of today’s unease is that so many of the institutions around us have demonstrated (in many cases, repeatedly) their untrustworthiness:

– Network news?  I’d ‘Rather‘ not, thank you… even before NBC finished their hat trick of known issues with the Brian Williams mess.  Really, at this point, what reason is there to give credence to ANY of these overpaid teleprompter readers?

– Scientific inquiry?  It would appear the Global Warming crusade is finally being completely outed as the highly deceptive campaign of political manipulation that gave it its real urgency

– Political leadership?  Both sides of the aisle continue their race to the bottom.   Hey, Republicans: how’d that mid-term election work out for you?  Isn’t it great the way illegal immigration and the administration’s ever-increasing power grabs have been stopped in their tracks?  (That was sarcasm, in case it doesn’t come through on screen…)

The original Reformation was kicked off by those (Martin Luther chief among them) who’d become concerned over the abuse of trust and power within the Church at that time, which had become completely disconnected from Biblical foundations.  What we need today is another Reformation — not just of ‘organized religion,’ but of society.  So long as society is content to tolerate these miscreants, with a simple shrug of “well, what can you do,” nothing will change.  Accountability, public shame, ridicule — we’ve spent decades downplaying the essential deterrent roles these play in a stable society.  And then we wonder why we see corruption, deceit and abuse at every turn.

It’s like C.S. Lewis said: “We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

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