What is the goal, and what are the means?

This is a good read, and well worth considering.  Many people have realized there is a need for change, and to prepare for change.  But in busying ourselves with planning and preparation, let’s not overlook the fundamentals:  what do (or will) we stand for?

American minds are being saturated with propaganda selling the idea that crisis situations require a survivor to abandon conscience. In other words, in order to defeat monsters, you must become a monster.  (emphasis added)

This theme is not only unavoidable in film and TV, but also in military journals, politics, and even within liberty movement discussion.

Caught between growing jihad abroad, and increasingly totalitarian statism at home, the stakes are indeed high.  There is much ground to be reclaimed, regarding liberty.  But the ends don’t justify the means — never have, never will.

A lot of well-meaning people are “prepping” like crazy, but have not stopped to think strategically.  What is the end goal — what kind of world do we desire to bring about, compared to the one we live in today?  What actions are appropriate to bringing that vision to life, and which actually hinder or discredit it?  Many ‘revolutions,’ bloodless or not, end up creating a worse situation than before simply because the “true believers” had not stopped to consider such questions, and get caught up in expediency over principle.

“For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?”  Luke 9:25


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