Abolish the %$#@ IRS!

And they wonder why we don’t trust them (or government writ large these days):

The IRS’s inspector general confirmed Thursday it is conducting a criminal investigation into how Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Congress were irretrievably destroyed.

Investigators have already scoured 744 backup tapes and gleaned 32,774 unique emails, but just two weeks ago they found an additional 424 tapes that could contain even more Lerner emails, Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told the House Oversight Committee in a rare late-night hearing meant to look into the status of the investigation.

“There is potential criminal activity,” Mr. Camus said.

I’d say it’s more than potential.  This is obstruction of justice, on top of everything else.

There is absolutely no reason to have an agency that oversees an information-intrusive fiscal fleecing of the American citizenry every April.  It’s none of Uncle Sam’s business how much I earn or how I choose to spend my money.  By making these reporting requirements, we permit social engineering via the tax code, not just revenue raising.  “Want to reduce your tax burden?” Sam asks.  “Then do things the way I want you to.”

My solution: abolish the personal income tax (it was constitutionally impermissible until the early 1900s anyway–we went more than half our history without it!).  Implement a maximum 10% national sales tax (preferably less, but no more) that excludes food, clothing, housing and medicine.  That way nobody (particularly lower-income families) is penalized for purchasing essentials.  Allowing the government to tax what is then discretionary spending seems reasonable.  Vendors would remit the sales tax to the Treasury in the same way State sales taxes are done today.  No need for an IRS mafia operation — or a politically corruptible tax code — at all!

The IRS has lost the confidence of the public, and deserves as an organization to die.  I fear this is becoming true of our government in general.  It’s time to start talking accountability, people.  More than 600 days into this IRS investigation, who’ s been held to account?  Would Joe Taxpayer get off so lightly?

4 thoughts on “Abolish the %$#@ IRS!

  1. I fear the Constitution will be abolished before the IRS.

    The tax system redistributes wealth to the poorest, but it’s also highly inefficient. So, you do have waste in the redistribution. The pay out was over $30K per household in 2010 (Richwine’s Heritage Foundation study), and I’m not sure that included all benefits.

    Poor & .01% vs. everyone else, the hard workers.

  2. If we could end the foreign wars, cut “defence” spending, and end FICA taxes (perhaps by paying out what’s already been promised); we’d have something.

    The defence spending seems most vulnerable, but usually the ones wanting to cut it just want more handouts. Regardless, I’d rather have wasteful spending here than overseas. US military spending is astronomical, and it’s pure 100% waste.

    I’ve been excited by the latest charge against the Federal Reserve. It won’t amount to anything though. We lose every battle, always – just money traps and distractions from raising our children for the most part.

  3. I agree with ending the foreign wars, but disagree that defense spending is “100% waste.” It’s inefficient, and as with most government activity there is high potential for fraud, waste and abuse. But defense is one of the few legitimate functions of government. Refocusing the apparatus ON defense, rather than constant overseas adventurism, would help considerably.

  4. The spending is excessive, wasteful in the sense that there has been almost no legitimate threat; but yea it has a use. The defence budget could be cut 90%, and we’d still be well-defended. Really, US empire seems to be driving Chinese, European, Russian, etc. desire for empire. And our meddling seems to stoke radical Islam.

    The income tax is necessary for the high redistribution of wealth – and for the war spending. I doubt it’d be possible to sell abolishing it to Americans. It sounds like a wonderful thing; I just dunno how it’d happen. Politics seems to be driven by self-interest, not a concern for the whole, unless you’ve got an extremely talented demagogue on your payroll.

    We see plenty of opposition to war, plenty of opposition to free trade, and plenty of opposition to mass immigration. I’m beginning to think a more Democrat (as opposed to Republican) movement is best at this juncture, just for pursuing what’s possible.

    Immigrants might help fund FICA taxes, but they cost more than they pay in, in the long term. So, there’s a Democratic case against them.

    The problem seems to be that lower wages lead to both socialism and reduced immigration. So, it almost seems that high social spending is a necessary evil, just because it helps keep out immigrants. Immigrants don’t support retirees as much as is claimed, and the US does produce more children than Germany and China.

    I certainly don’t want socialism, but I dunno how likely secession is. Increased wealth redistribution might be the only way to stem immigration. Better to bribe voters than to kill foreigners.

    And we see eastern Europe survived communism better than western Europe did capitalism: Fewer immigrants. It just seems conservatives have been wrong about everything. If we’d only acted opposite to what we thought we wanted, perhaps we wouldn’t have been flooded with so many immigrants.

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