Saturday Sounds

I’ve come to realize how much the worldview underpinning Star Trek is antithetical to my own, but I still have a soft spot for the original series (the later stuff, not so much). So it is with some sadness that I note the passing of Leonard “Spock” Nimoy beyond the “Final Frontier.”


5 thoughts on “Saturday Sounds

  1. I grew up loving Star Trek too!

    While it is an enemy series, there are some positives:

    The Borg attempting to conquer all peoples, “resistance is futile”, makes for an excellent reference. And the Ferengi merchant race is despicable.

    There was an episode on immortals who grew bored of life, lost the will after having done everything and just lie about apathetically. And Star Trek’s raising of the issue of artificial intelligence and genetically engineered life brings focus to major issues we face. I’m admittedly less concerned about A.I., but genetic engineering has always appeared to me to be a primary threat.

  2. I suppose all of my references are later Star Trek… Sam Francis once praised X-Files btw.

    Men tend to be more conservative, especially tech-savvy men; so it’s only natural that we enjoy such poisons as Star Trek. They’re written to influence us of course.

  3. The series definitely produced some cultural touchstones that can be used in discussion. Even more than the Borg, I like referring to Spock’s warning to McCoy “really, doctor, you must learn to govern your passions. They will be your undoing.” Unfortunately, any enjoyment of the show has to be tempered by the realization it is pushing a very secular humanist worldview. My Three Musketeers watch the occasional rerun of Next Generation… that has led to more than one conversation about identifying the underlying values and assumptions that are being promoted.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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