Got accountability?

In the U.S., apparently government officials don’t:

“Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to have operated in violation of what the White House said Tuesday was “very specific guidance” that members of the Obama administration use government e-mail accounts to carry out official business.”


There’s also “very specific guidance” in the Constitution regarding the powers of the Executive branch.  That hasn’t stopped the current President from unilaterally expanding those powers in multiple areas… and nobody else seems to be doing much to try to stop him, either.


“If he manages to avoid prison, former CIA director David Petraeus’ guilty plea for providing reams of classified material to his mistress will result in far more lenient punishment than that often meted for leaking the nation’s secrets.  Petraeus, 62, has agreed to admit guilt on a single misdemeanor count of the unauthorized removal and retention of classified material…  “What is achieved by sending David Petraeus to jail?” asked Deitch, now in private practice with a Washington firm. “What will be achieved in terms of deterrence, in terms of punishment, in terms of rehabilitation? The conclusion is ‘Probably not much.'””  (Note to Deitch: don’t think for a second that members of the armed forces don’t notice this lenient treatment of a four-star general… or the many other recent instances of pulled punches for senior leaders.  — Jemison)


“The Department of Justice blocked an attempt to force the Internal Revenue Service to search for Lois Lerner’s missing emails at off-site storage facilities, according to a lawyer pushing to obtain the emails… The IRS never looked for Lerner’s backup email tapes at the West Virginia storage facility where they were being housed… But the Obama administration knew that emails were stored at off-site facilities, and even shut down a legal request to send somebody to go look for them.”


“At the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), red tape is preventing the removal of a top level employee accused of viewing porn two to six hours a day while at work, since 2010. Even though investigators found 7,000 pornographic files on his computer and even caught him watching porn, he remains on the payroll.”


“Why aren’t the seven witnesses to Dendinger’s nonexistent assault on Cassard already facing felony charges? Why are all but one of the cops who filed false reports still wearing badges and collecting paychecks? Why aren’t the attorneys who filed false reports facing disbarment? Dendinger’s prosecutors both filed false reports, then prosecuted Dendinger based on the reports they knew were false. They should be looking for new careers — after they get out of jail.   If a group of regular citizens had pulled this on someone, they’d all likely be facing criminal conspiracy charges on top of the perjury and other charges. So why aren’t these cops and prosecutors?”



Admittedly, accountability becomes much more difficult when there isn’t a clear consensus on right and wrong, and there has been much effort to erode that consensus over the past half century.  As a result, I guess most people now read these stories, shrug their shoulders, and quote Her Hillariness:  “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Unless we demand more of our public servants at all levels than kabuki theater and the pretense of serving the people, this will only get worse until the parasitical class (in and out of direct government employ) simply consumes the productive host.  We’re precariously close to that point as it is.


3 thoughts on “Got accountability?

  1. Druggies sometimes argue they function better on drugs. I wonder if the EPA guy would argue he’s more constructive when watching…

    If these aren’t the final days of the empire, I shudder at what those might look like.

    Yours is an unusually good post. I haven’t been following the news, or at least not these sorts of stories; but I do fondly remember the missing Iraq money stories, supposedly destroyed Federal Reserve Records, the flipping of the Sierra Club, and tales of union leaders wearing lots of bling.

    There is a lot of corruption, indeed.

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