Quote of the week

In regards to some media outlets attempts to run interference for Her Hillariness by trying a “tu quoque” argument involving Jeb Bush:

“If your defense of someone not fit to be President is to compare her to someone else who isn’t fit to be President, you’re doing something wrong.”

Pure awesome. Maybe more people are coming to the “plague on both your houses” realization I had several years ago…

End the dynasties!


2 thoughts on “Quote of the week

  1. Clinton 57.0%
    Biden 13.5%
    Warren 12%
    Sanders 3.8%

    As I understand it, we’ll most likely get a Democratic president. Yikes.

    Walker 15%
    Bush 14.7%
    Huckabee 13.3%
    Carson 12.3%
    Paul 9.3%
    Christie 6%
    Rubio 4.7%
    Cruz 4%

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