Displacing America

Can’t we all at least agree this is wrong?

In practice, the H-1B visa has been used for years to undercut American workers with lower-wage, and often lesser-skilled, workers brought in from overseas. How does this happen? Congress sets the wage floors for H-1Bs, and it has set it far below market wages

Adding to the injustice of losing their jobs, the SCE workers are being forced to do something that is so common in the industry it is a term of art: “knowledge transfer,” an ugly euphemism that means being forced to train your own foreign replacement. The SCE workers are, “demoralized; in disbelief; beyond furious; down in the dumps; feeling anguish; depressed; feeling dehumanized; feeling humiliated; worrying about the future; worrying about paying the bills.”

One worker simply said, “Shame on Edison for doing this and shame on our politicians for enabling it.”

Does anyone need additional evidence that the government in Mordor D.C. is not only not seeking the best for the average American, but is actively working against his/her best interests?  At a time when unemployment and underemployment have been persistently high, the idea our ‘leaders’ would consider not only continuing but expanding a program that displaces currently employed Americans with lower-paid workers from overseas is simply unfathomable!

Through both legal and illegal immigration, our rulers have thrown open the gates to our land and are permitting Americans to be dispossessed of their rightful inheritance.  There can be no surer sign of the illegitimacy of any regime.  Our political tradition is founded on a belief that government exists to protect the people, not to enslave them or toss them aside.  Today, however, government exists simply as a return on political investment for the well-connected… and that includes most, if not all, of the tech industry.

“When any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it…”


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