Government giveth, government taketh away

As if the annual fleecing process known as filing your taxes wasn’t already opaque, painful, and a ridiculous exercise in government control:

Half of the households that received subsidies to help pay health insurance premiums last year under the Affordable Care Act will probably have to repay some of that money to the federal government, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

If the Supreme Court ever wanted to earn back some respect from the productive, independent-minded part of the electorate, they would finally kill this Obamanation once and for all during the current term.  It’s bad policy, badly written law, and a prime example of government arrogance run amok these days.

And never forget: even the architects of it admit it only passed because of a lack of transparency and “the stupidity of the American people!”

CA49WE7WwAEW0Xj.jpg large


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