The crazy years

It’s come to this: the mayor of an American city admitting her administration “gave space” to rioters wishing to destroy things, allegedly in protest of yet another death of an individual in police custody.  I say “allegedly” because most of these self-professed “protestors” — whether in Ferguson several months ago, or Baltimore today — show little sign of trying to seek appropriate redress.  It seems an odd way to remember someone by cutting a fire hose being used to douse a fire your crowd started.  This is honoring an alleged victim??  No, for too many of the participants these events merely become a license to “wild.”  Each succeeding iteration seems to become more wild, as the perception grows there are few if any repercussions.

And now the mayor’s remarks seem to confirm our leaders are willing to tolerate at least a certain level of this.  UnacceptableI fully realize the political climate that makes our leaders hesitant to act, out of a fear of “bad optics.”  But failing to protect the lives, liberty and property of innocent bystanders in the midst of a riot is an abdication of the fundamental purpose of government.

I have my own questions and concerns about the militarization of our domestic police, and what seems to be a steadily growing body of evidence that officers are not held to account for abuses of authority including unwarranted violence against civilians.  What these ‘protestors’ and the professional instigators like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton seem to overlook is that scenes like those playing out in Baltimore right now make the public LESS likely to question the police, since the public sees those officers (and the National Guard that is even now being called up for possible deployment) as the only thing standing between them and roving bands of lawless anarchists.

But who am I kidding — Jackson and Sharpton couldn’t care less about actually solving the issues… that would put them out of lucrative work as race agitators.

America today is a very dry tinderbox.  Government has forfeited much of its trust, even with the law-abiding public.  Identity politics has polarized the nation like never before, exacerbated by an economy that seems to unravel further every day for all but the wealthiest.  In one out of five families, nobody is working at a job (which leaves lots of free time for participation in riots like we’re currently seeing).  American are acquiring weapons at ever-increasing rates, arming themselves against uncertainty.

And sadly, like the “blundering generation” prior to the Late Unpleasantness of 1861, we seem to have the worst political leadership (on both sides of the aisle) in generations — possibly the worst in our nation’s history.

There is need for repentance and revival, and there is a need to prepare.  Consider carefully what you and your family are doing on both fronts.



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