Isn’t it interesting:

– That a government so determined to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants ready access to our nation will go to great lengths to keep a prominent Christian from coming to visit and discuss persecution in the Middle East, alleging she might overstay her visa and try to claim asylum?  I mean, even if she does, what’s one more illegal immigrant, right?

– That at a time when Americans are facing one of the worst job markets in living memory, our government allows prominent corporations to replace them with lesser-paid foreign “guest workers” who are completely dependent upon the company that brings them over?  (Can you say “indentured service,” boys and girls?)

– That a prominent homosexual leader in the fight for “gay marriage” would write an op-ed arguing the U.S. government needs to be LESS democratic and transparent, not more?

– That all this social unrest stemming from a deterioration of race relations in this country since electing “The One” is now leading to calls for Federalization of policing?  (Of course, these days, what DOESN’T seem to lead to calls for more Federal power?)

– That the same people who love to scream “the science is settled!” on global warming climate change are usually among the first to assert that possession of a Y chromosome doesn’t mean one has to be classified as male if that person “feels” they’re a woman.  Even more interesting: so-called ‘conservatives’ starting to echo the same nonsense.  (Traditionalist conservative voter beware…)


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