Compare and contrast

Exhibit A: two radicals, professing loyalty to ISIS, attempt to open fire at a “Draw Mohammed” contest in Garland, Texas.  These heavily-armed individuals, bent on destruction, end up getting nobody killed but themselves (wounding an officer in the process).  A couple days later, there’s been NO violence against Muslims in Garland, nor has the mosque there seen demonstrations, much less damage.

Exhibit B:  In Pakistan, even the mere accusation of ‘desecrating’ a Koran will get people killed and incite mob violence.  This happens frequently.

Which society would YOU rather live in?

And for those media mouthpieces who suggested the organizers of the “Draw Mohammed” contest were being unusually “provocative,” and thus bore some kind of responsibility for the attempted violence (i.e. “they had it coming to them”), I have but two (unfortunate) words: “Piss Christ.”  For years–decades, even–it’s been considered the height of “free expression” to belittle and degrade Christian symbolism through questionable “art.”  Note carefully that despite this long-standing “provocative” behavior, there’s never been a comparable attempt by Christians to shoot attendees at prominent art venues.

Which faith would YOU rather have exerting influence on society?

Certainly one can question the civility of trying to deliberately provoke any group by pushing their buttons.  But let’s drop the double standard here.  Free expression either exists or it doesn’t.  You can’t use it continually to justify walking all over one faith, and then claim there are limits to it when the shoe is on another foot.  If anything, the organizers of the Texas event have shown more courage and commitment to free expression than any of these anti-Christian ‘artists’ have.  After all, for there to be courage, there has to be danger.

And it seems there’s no danger–physical or social–in offending, threatening or harassing Christians anymore.


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