Saturday Sounds

Normally, my intent is for these to be a weekly respite from current events.  But I recently viewed this and have great respect for how well it is articulated.  That the liberal worldview sees everything through a collectivist lens is important to understand.  That worldview cannot separate the “-ism” from the “-ist.”  Even if you civilly and respectfully critique a belief, it is assumed you must hate those who hold the belief.

The speaker below notes this tendency as it relates to those who criticize Islam.  But the same dynamic is at work with any liberal cause, from “gay marriage” to the welfare state.  In their view, anyone who opposes these agendas could only be motivated by a hatred towards a category of people.  Don’t fall for it, and don’t let the unspoken assumption stand unchallenged.  Whether it’s Islam or the cycle of welfare dependency, those who truly care about the people these systems have enslaved must speak out.


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