Cultural identity as political advantage

Can you detect a pattern here?

– A Washington Post columnist has said the political world wouldn’t be taking Carly Fiorina seriously “if she wasn’t a woman.”  Note in the video she quickly shouts down the surprised response from another guest who says “what about Hillary?”

– Mark Halperin, managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, grilled Ted Cruz with questions about his Cuban heritage, as if he were trying to show Cruz isn’t a “real” Hispanic.  But as of yet, nobody has asked Elizabeth Warren what her favorite tribal chant or dish is, or to greet another political contender in the Cherokee language…

– MSNBC suggests Ben Carson only got where he is by affirmative action.  But despite the abysmal Obama record, none of the media punditry are willing to suggest the only reason a first-term Senator even MADE it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is because enough people thought it was time to give a black man a chance at the White House.  Rather than ushering in an era of racial reconciliation, all we did was elevate a partisan divider who has set back race relations a couple of generations, all for the sake of his vanity and a radical agenda the press couldn’t be bothered to cover fairly before Americans pulled the voting lever for him.

The hypocrisy is astounding.  If you’re a Republican/conservative, the mainstream press trots out the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.  (“Nobody who holds those views could be a REAL Hispanic/African-American/Woman!”).  To admit otherwise harshes the narrative that certain categories of people are automatically downtrodden, and therefore beholden to the Democratic/liberal establishment.

I”m annoyed at the clamor by both parties to advance/nominate women and minorities now, as though successful governance consists solely of breaking glass ceilings at this point in history.  I realize the novelty bandwagon is good for getting political attention, but it shouldn’t be the main point.  What we need are the most competent leaders available, without regard for melatonin count or whether they have matching chromosomes.

Can we try to run an election vetting based on that for once?

One thought on “Cultural identity as political advantage

  1. Just as in the military, the pendulum has to reach an apex before it begins to correct itself. I recall be briefed on a quota system used in promotions that we were told was
    “not a quota system”. I look back on my SGM academy classmates and understand a lot of things.

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