One to watch

I tend to agree with this writer’s assessment of Scott Walker.  Of all the declared and semi-declared candidates thus far, he is one of the few — possibly the only — I would seriously consider supporting for President.  One thing voters need to understand, though: even if you support someone with Walker’s philosophy of governance, the President alone cannot rollback all the damage at the Federal level that needs addressing.  (At least, not without acting like King Obama.  Part of the point of reforming government should be a return to the rule of law, not merely electing a lawless candidate whose policies you happen to support.)  In addition to electing a chief executive who will restore more limited government and fiscal sanity, we the voters need to provide that executive with like-minded allies in Congress.

It’s a long way yet till November 2016.  But start doing your homework now, if you’re seeking authentic change and a return to our nation’s roots.

(Note: to the handful of regulars who stop by even when there’s a dearth of posts, thank you.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity the past couple of weeks, and blogging just hasn’t made the cut on the priority list.  I appreciate the vote of confidence your visits represent.  Please be patient, as my goal has always been to post thoughtful content, not merely quantities of it.)


One thought on “One to watch

  1. “keep on keeping on” dear friend — I appreciate your posts, regardless of the frequency. You make me think, consider, and often pray. I appreciate your service…thank you.

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