‘Privilege?’ No… personal responsibility

Our society has spent the past half century tearing down the idea of traditional families, roles and responsibilities.  Now that there’s enough data to compare the trajectories of those who left that path with those who stayed on it, there are cries of “unfair privilege” for those whose lives continue to be enriched and sustained by traditional families and practices.

It’s so bad now that schools are being indoctrinated to alter (read: virtually eviscerate) their disciplinary systems, simply because some groups of students allegedly can’t adjust to a school environment “privileged towards Whites”  (never mind that the breakdown of the family and its accompanying disciplinary issues are hardly confined to a single ethnic group):

Last week we were stunned to learn that chaos has been the norm in the St. Paul, Minnesota school district, due to a student disciplinary policy that replaces suspensions with time-outs, counseling and other less punitive measures.

We also learned that the controversial policy was influenced by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a radical San Francisco-based consulting firm that claims black students lag behind academically, and tend to have more disciplinary problems, because American K-12 education is designed to benefit white students – aka “white privilege.”

Now it’s becoming obvious that several other large school districts around the nation are in the same situation as St. Paul.

They’ve all instituted radical disciplinary policies to reduce the number of black student suspensions, they’ve all experienced serious behavioral problems as a result, and they’re all included on a recent list of PEG client school districts.

The entire linked story is a must-read: i.e. kids getting a ‘stern talking to’ after setting a classmate’s hair on fire!  Yes, the inmates are truly running the asylum now.

If this so-called PEG is saying in effect that minority children can’t be expected to comply with simple concepts like not punching their teachers in the face, or not burning their fellow students, why isn’t that “racist?”  Because if what they’re alleging is true — that such groups are somehow incapable of being taught any self-discipline or functioning like the rest of society — then we’ve gone full-circle back to the arguments of the segregationists!

…only this time instead of it being eeeeeevil Whites claiming there’s some inherent inferiority in these groups, it’s the minorities’ own advocates!  So which is it: you can’t act civilized, or you refuse to act civilized?

This need not be cast as a racial issue, although the race-baiting industry undoubtedly will continue to do so.  No, this is a character issue.  What used to be called (of course) “White flight” has now morphed into families (of all backgrounds) who care about their children removing them from the zoos that our public schools and many neighborhoods have become.  Those families who care about raising self-disciplined children with the potential for a future will continue to do all they can (however meager at times) to distance themselves from the rot of the rest of society.  Naturally, those with a vested interest in conflict will do all they can to reduce or try to shame such options.

But eventually it may come to a point where those who care about actually living in a civilization, versus a jungle, feel they no longer have anywhere to which to retreat.  At that point, it will get very ugly.


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