Selective outrage

In the wake of one deranged individual’s shooting of nine people in Charleston, the media has once again whipped up a frenzy about race relations in America.  As a result, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and other retailers have pledged to no longer sell any merchandise containing the Confederate flag.

The announcements contain all the usual indictments about the flag’s association with slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK.

So my questions are:  why is it still OK for Amazon and others to sell this?  Or this?   Or this?   Or this?   After all, Lenin, Stalin, Guevara, Mao and their fellow travelers enslaved, abused and murdered several orders of magnitude more people than Dixie ever did.

The difference?  To the self-proclaimed elites of our nation, Confederate symbolism is gauche and the very idea of States’ Rights (even without slavery involved) anathema to their globalist megastate aspirations, while Communism is chic fashion.

Make of that what you will.

Some of the victims killed at the Toul Sleng prison, unearthed from mass graves at Choeung Ek village, 15 kilometers outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia  May 13, 1983. A number of pits surround the site – authorities said they discovered 129, each containing about 100 corpses. (AP Photo/John Laird)


5 thoughts on “Selective outrage

  1. JT — thank you! The confluence of events seem to bring us closer to the brink of collapse — Sadly, I’m not amazed anymore!

  2. Please note that one of your examples of selective outrage on Amazon has Fontova’s book on Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him- hardly a pro-Guevara book.

    • Noted. However the larger point is the robust selection of writings by Che and the ample supply of T-shirts and other trappings of “Che chic.” Fontova’s book is rather outnumbered amongst the selections at the link.

  3. First off, I agree with the hypocrisy, and while I don’t like the Confederate flag, I don’t begrudge presence in the media. I find it particularly ridiculous that the flag can’t even be shown in its historical context (i.e., Civil War games)…

    But, and here’s a big BUT…If we’re going to support the right of industries and business to regulate themselves, we need to understand that these businesses initiated this action because they believed it to be a sound business move and not because some “governing elite” imposed it upon them. Let’s give credit where it’s due here…

    The Confederate Flag represented state’s rights. But the right to do what? In this particular instance, the right to own people as property AND the idea that THIS particular issue was best left to the individual states to decide. In a country that prides itself on ensuring freedom, slavery would seem to be the ONE thing reasonably given the federal government to control through the constitution. Yes, men fought and died under this flag, but only after firing the first shot in an armed conflict they initiated against the United States…

    Here, individual businesses (and a large segment of society) have chosen to reject this symbol, and if we want the issue to be put into proper perspective, we’ll have to boycott both and Wal-Mart to make our point. A VERY thought provoking post!

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