The banner is unfurled

The earlier part of last week all we could hear was how wrong it was that a Confederate Battle Flag flew over a Civil War monument on the capitol grounds in South Carolina.  The argument was that no government facility should be flying banners other than the Stars and Stripes; that symbols which offend and divide have no place on official grounds.

And yet, this was the White House Friday night:







And this was the U.S. Embassy in Munich, Germany (which display the State Department saw fit to highlight on their official Facebook page, complete with a “rainbow-ized” State Dept. logo):

11145033_10153444109978809_7975037123382926796_oThis was a none-too-subtle stick in the eye for those who believe in the Biblical definition of marriage. Those who splashed color across the Federal Government (and many businesses) know full well how offensive this “spiking the ball in the end zone” would be. And despite their earlier talking points, they didn’t care.  It goes to show: you cannot trust anything a Leftist says. Language is but a means to an end — the sympathy they demand for their causes will certainly not be shown to those they oppose.  That is why “live and let live” is never going to happen… whatever concessions are made to them on any issue will never be reciprocated.

I expected many people I know to celebrate this ruling (though I was disappointed at just how many did).  I did not expect so much overt official celebration, and that it occurred merely underscores what time it is in America.  But I take solace in this: the culture war was not declared against me (though I suspect that like many Christians, I may well be part of the collateral damage before it’s over).  It was declared against God.  The rainbow flag itself is a misappropriation of the symbol of one of His promises.  It’s almost as if these activists are daring God: “you said you wouldn’t flood the world again, so whadya gonna do about it, huh?”  In essence this week we traded the banner of rebellion against Federal authority for one that represents rebellion against God’s authority.  All I can say is that shaking one’s fist and one’s sins in the face of a Holy God is not a wise thing for any of us to do.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”  — Thomas Jefferson

One thought on “The banner is unfurled

  1. JT…I was amazed at the furor and excitement of folks as well — took a hit or two when I saw folks who I counted as good associates or friends who opined their support as well — just made me sad…still your point towards who this action is really against drives me to take heart, for we both know God is able to deliver! Thank you for your posts…I appreciate your testimony — your words, (of which I know many are directed by our God), convict me to examine, confess and move forward for God. I appreciate you brother.


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