40 questions

Like many Christians who use social media, I have been deeply saddened to see how many of my personal contacts jumped on the bandwagon last Friday and changed their personal icon to include a rainbow overlay.  Many have gone further than that, posting links to scribblings by nominally ‘Christian’ leaders who are attempting to rationalize accommodation to this latest phase of the Sexual Revolution that has all but destroyed social support of the traditional family in Western Civilization.  Some of these are children of dear friends of mine, who I am fairly certain were taught the scriptures at home and should know better.  But it should not be surprising how powerful the pull of this world is.  Since last week, I have occasionally offered private messages to a few of these, seeking to show them what scripture says.

This author, however, has summarized very well the questions these people need to be asking themselves.  So I offer it here for reference and for some serious soul-searching.

The bottom line, though, is this question: what do you recognize as authoritative?  Public opinion?  The tortured justifications of nine unelected officials?  The musings of celebrities?  Your own sense of right and wrong?  Or something greater?  Despite all the efforts to say otherwise, scripture is very clear about God’s view of homosexualityand of adultery, greed, slothfulness, etc… the full range of how our sinful nature manifests itself.  None of these are to be celebrated.  God is also clear about our inability to free ourselves from this sinful nature, and how only by approaching Him through faith in His Son and the sacrifice He made on our behalf can we be saved from the death and decay all around us.

So, fellow Christian: the question ultimately is to Whom or to what do you really bow?  For at some point everyone will bow and acknowledge God’s authority.  Some will do so on that day out of long practice.  Others will grudgingly concede the fact after a lifetime wasted serving other masters.  And some will protest that they served the King, only to have Him say “depart from me, for I never knew you.”

Which will you be?

One thought on “40 questions

  1. JT — you offer an opinion that I have wresteled with in the past few days — I saw a dear close friend — a brother in arms, someone who worked for/with me over several years — someone who knows my family — in-fact was included as part of my family “come out” during this debacle — I’m broken beyond words — but know that God is true — I’ve yet to reach out to him…he’s blocked me on FB…bottom line…God is True! Thanks for your posts over the past few days…

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