Saturday Sounds

No flag-waving or patriotic anthems today.  Just a call to repentance.  The recent elevation of homosexual ‘marriage’ into some sort of civil rights victory is not the main problem — it is but a symptom.  The problem is that as a nation and a civilization we have rejected God’s authority and the guidance of His scripture in pretty much every area of life — warnings that were meant to protect, not to oppress or dishearten.  Having cast all that aside, as the apostle Paul wrote, our society should expect to receive the ‘due penalty.’  Only it’s too blind to know that.  This is not a political struggle, nor one that can be solved by the force of arms (though increasingly I fear the latter may become necessary at some point in self-defense for those of us who refuse to bow to the Caesar of this world).  The system represented by “Old Glory” is now set against the glory of God.  It is important to remember this is a spiritual war — one that has raged since the start of time — and that we are powerless in and of ourselves to affect its course.

Except in this: we have the privilege of approaching the throne of the One who can do anything


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