The true love that wins

All of us who believe in the Biblical worldview need to learn how to express our beliefs like this.  It’s the latest example of why this web comic made my site’s link list not long ago.

Don’t think for a moment the challenging need to express God’s word boldly but lovingly is limited to this current topic du jour, either.  “Gay marriage” is but the latest and most blatant manifestation of the prevalent worldview that there’s really no such thing as sin.  We need to push back against that, while acknowledging humbly and clearly that we, too, continue to wrestle with the temptations of this fallen world.  In that, as the comic points out, there is common ground between believer and non-believer.

The difference is that we’ve met the Overcomer — the One who ‘delivers us from this body of death’ — and long to introduce everyone else to Him because we know what He’s done in our lives.  We are not superior, and it’s not about us.  As a Christian leader once said, “I’m just a poor beggar trying to show the other beggars where I found food.”

We’re told there is no greater love than one who lays down his life for his friends.  In that context, indeed, #lovewins.

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