Back in the USSR

I no longer recognize my country.  We are ruled by an out of control executive branch that openly defies Constitutional protections once jealously guarded by a more informed and engaged citizenry.  We treat with tyrants, and snub our traditional friends and allies.  We conduct Two Minute Hates over symbols and leaders who died 150 years ago, while ignoring the very live threats to liberty who move among us today.  We refuse to secure our borders, then vilify those who point out the consequences.

And now, in true Soviet style, we ascribe political dissent to psychological issues, even when two psychologists say there is nothing amiss.  Dinesh D’Souza made a mistake when he violated campaign finance law (statutes, it should be pointed out, that have highly selective and widely varying levels of enforcement).  But he is not crazy.  If anything, he sees more clearly who is in the White House today than the vast majority of Americans.  And that is why the legal process under this judge continues to punish him in a way that has no clear endpoint.  As a bonus, this judge’s medical meddling from the bench potentially slanders D’Souza and his mental state in the eyes of his detractors.

Don’t turn around… der Komissar’s in town…

(Yes, I’m cracking jokes, but in an attempt to laugh to keep from crying.)


One thought on “Back in the USSR

  1. Saddest part is, not too long ago, homosexuality and pedophilia were listed in the DSMIII as psychological illness. Now, they’re both being “normalized”, and what was normal will be soon criminalized or deemed to be mental illness. Guess it’s the agenda to get back at those who “suppressed” the others. Our poor children are in for a bell of a future. Good thing God is ultimately in control and our strength. If we depended on our government and laws, we’d really be in bad shape.

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