When will America get angry enough?

I try diligently not to write on this site when I’m freshly angry about something.  Today, I don’t care.

For several years after 9/11 we were told we had to fight wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan so that we would “fight them over there instead of over here.”  Well, it should have been obvious on the face of it that when you simultaneously import large numbers of people from those same parts of the world that you’re probably bringing trouble home with you.

And now, four Marines have been gunned down in Tennessee, unable even to attempt to defend themselves because military recruiting stations are “Gun-free zones” (?!?)  The killer?  A now-deceased Kuwaiti import named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who apparently has been living here for some time but failed to magically transmogrify into a loyal American the way open borders advocates assure us all these millions of immigrants do.

While it’s nice to see the response to Donald Trump’s highlighting of the illegal immigration issue, that’s but one part of the problem.  On top of that floodtide, our very own State Department continues legally to bring over large numbers of people steeped in a worldview that is antithetical to the one our nation was founded upon.  Remember, the 9/11 hijackers didn’t slip across the border — they were admitted under various visa programs by our own government.

At the same time, every incident like this is wrung dry by liberals as a talking point for further disarmament of the American public at large.  Newsflash for the gun-control zealots: it was the Americans — members of the US Marine Corps, no less — who were unarmed in Tennessee today.  And they DIED.

America is divided enough — we don’t need to be importing more partisans and factions.  It’s long past time for a “time out” on immigration.

– Secure the *&^% border the way you secure anything you truly care about.  Stop with the charades and the kabuki dances.

– Stop trying to import the world via legal immigration.

– And most importantly, stop playing games with the 2nd Amendment.  When we’re told repeatedly that terrorists are targeting U.S. military personnel in our own country, but isolated military personnel on duty are not permitted access to weapons, that is CRIMINAL NEGLECT for force protection.  And let this point sink in: when Marines–trained riflemen, every one–can be killed in the U.S. by an attacker who knows they won’t be able to shoot back, NONE OF OUR LIVES ARE SECURE.

An armed society is a polite society.  So is one that isn’t a polyglot of every crazy creed on the face of the planet.  And if half our own society can’t figure that out (or childishly refuses to face reality), maybe it’s time for the rest of us to part company with what used to be “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

“A nation preserved with liberty trampled underfoot is much worse than a nation in fragments but with the spirit of liberty still alive…”  I fear the spirit of liberty — TRUE liberty, not just mindless licentiousness and materialism– is all but dead in the United States.  God grant that I’m wrong.  And if I’m not, God grant those of us who still care the ability to carve out a place where that spirit can flourish once again.

Rest in peace, Devil Dogs.  You didn’t fail your country — it failed you.

One thought on “When will America get angry enough?

  1. Hang tough brother…I share your anger and concern…be safe, stay true to God…take care of your family. Thank you for your encouraging words…I share them with my boys, wife and grandkids…keep looking up.

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