A picture worth a thousand words

Or, if you prefer, “the futility of the leftist worldview, starkly illustrated.”  Note carefully that not a single bullet hole was prevented by the sign proudly declaring that the recruiting station was a “gun-free zone.”  Posting black ribbons on your Facebook profile isn’t an adequate response to this event.  Expressing solidarity is nice, but perhaps it’s time you call your Congresscritter and demand to know why U.S. troops seem to be most vulnerable here in their own country.  Better yet, demand your Congresscritter ask for the Secretary of Defense’s resignation.  After all, the Defense Department made several “scary” announcements in recent months about threats to our troops… and yet force protection remains woefully inadequate.  When military members have to leave the country before they’re allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense (a right that is supposed to be secured by the Second Amendment for ALL Americans), something’s amiss.  But I guess that’s par for the course for an administration that’s only too happy to sign a nuclear deal with Iran that will free up $150 billion in assets for one of the world’s largest state sponsors of terrorism.



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