Saturday Sounds Prayer

Several years ago, dear friends introduced me to the music of Sons of Korah, shortly before I left the U.S. for several months to go somewhere I did not want to be.  I played this song nearly every morning as a prayer for protection.  The intro is about a minute long, but the lyrics, from Psalm 35, are a powerful meditation.  As I see our nation increasingly surrounded by enemies from within and without, it’s been brought back to mind.  I commend it to you as a prayer for all of us to ask of the One to whom the battle belongs.  Whether the battle manifests as the latest “lone wolf” jihadist, the humanist machinations of a Supreme Court ruling, the organized holocaust of the unborn or some other face of evil, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  Only the One who made the mountains can tear down the strongholds of the enemy.  And we must remember: the point is not to pray for God to be on our side.  The point is to pray that His grace will keep us by His side.  Only there is protection found. I fear our nation is just beginning to learn that again the hard way, and the lesson may be an extended one.

“And then my whole being will exclaim ‘Who is like You, Oh Lord?'”


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