What shall we do with the Muslim traitors?

(Note: the title of this post is more fun if sung to the tune of “The Drunken Sailor”)

I’m not in favor of putting Muslims in internment camps in the U.S., as prominent DEMOCRAT Wesley Clark is.  (For the record, I’m not a fan of Clark–or the Democrats–at all.)  What I *am* in favor of is the following:

1) Severely curtail or completely cut off all immigration from the Muslim world.  Yes, there are those who come here peacefully with every intent to live honorably in their adopted home.  I suspect they’re a very small minority compared to those who want to Sharia-ize America.  It’s hard to square the rhetoric of “being at war” with radical Islam when we allow tens of thousands of people annually to enter our nation from lands that are primary sources of that ideology.  Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes misguided attempts to make it fair lead to even worse results.  Stop the flow, and secure the *&%^ border.

2) On a related note, I also think when someone previously deported is found to have slipped back into the country again, life imprisonment with hard labor or a firing squad should be on the table.  After all, if your home was repeatedly burglarized, you’d be more inclined to shoot the intruder, would you not?

3) Stop pandering to the Muslim community.  Either they want to be a part of this society, or they don’t.

4) Take allegations of radical Islamist preaching in U.S. mosques seriously, and deal with it swiftly.  Any Imam who says “death to America” at a Friday service should find himself on a one-way flight to Riyadh or Sana’a by the following Monday night (and that long only to allow for formal processing and legalities).  Incidentally, I’d also apply that standard to Obama’s mentor, alleged “Christian” Pastor Jeremiah Wright, for requesting “God damn America.”  It’s one thing for Christian leaders to point out that America is on the wrong side of God’s standards and call for repentance — and we need to do that loudly and often in this day and age.  It’s another thing entirely to call for judgment (see what I did there, all you who like to confuse Christian discernment with ‘judgment’ so that we aren’t supposed to criticize sin?), and to deliberately promote racial discord by one’s preaching.  Maybe a few years of “Back to Africa” would give Wright a different perspective on just how blessed he was to live here.

Either we believe radical Islam is a serious threat, or we don’t.  If we do, action is required.  I’m appalled at Clark’s suggestion that we just fence people into concentration camps.  That’s wrong to do to any human beings, and reinvigorates a bad precedent that could be used against any group the government takes a dislike to (as a member of one such group – orthodox Christians – I pay special attention to such trends).  Instead, we need to realize that certain worldviews are fundamentally incompatible, and it’s simple insanity to try to weave them together into some utopian diversity quilt.  Once any American–Muslim or not–declares their hostility to the Constitution and all that our history stands for, and openly espouses violence against that system or expresses a wish for its demise, it’s time to relocate them, at a minimum.  If they want to live in the 7th Century somewhere in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, let ’em go for it.

But when they try to turn the clocks back here (and that includes the Marxist-inspired rhetoric that is setting back race relations half a century or more), it’s time to say “buh-BYE!”



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