Creating fifth columnists

There is an increasingly well-established pipeline to homegrown jihadism in America.  Unless we find the will to confront and unravel these networks, and cut off the foreign funding and influence, there will be many more tragedies like Chattanooga.  Take a moment today to read this entire piece, and realize just how deeply the influence of this hateful ideology has penetrated into the heart of America.  Excerpts:

[The] journey toward Islamist radicalization and terrorism has become a well-worn path for homegrown extremists, and their growing numbers threaten to overwhelm U.S. authorities, especially the FBI, who are tracking them in a desperate attempt to thwart their plots and, as they say, “stay to the left of the boom.”  …

Knowing that he had to fundamentally change his life and circle of friends, Carlos Bledsoe launched on a spiritual quest. He sought God’s guidance in the Southern Baptist Christianity of his youth, and in a couple of orthodox Jewish synagogues. Neither provided the life-changing epiphany or sense of belonging that he was seeking. Carlos had a cousin who was a lifelong Muslim, and he had once seen Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speak, so he decided to explore Islam as well. As it turned out, and somewhat to the surprise of his family, Carlos would not have to venture far from his college campus at Tennessee State.

As it happened, Tennessee State offered the free course “Introduction to Islam,” taught by founders of the Olive Tree Education Foundation, the proselytizing arm of the local Islamic Center of Nashville. Promoting itself as a moderate outreach group embracing a tolerant version of Islam, Olive Tree had provided hundreds of hours of instruction to TSU students. …

“I’ll tell you how it works and what Carlos Bledsoe and the others were taught (after he traveled to Yemen for more instruction),” Padnos says in an interview. “They are told that you are the holy and good ones, the true inheritors of Islam, and all others are corrupt and the enemies of God. Your destiny as prophesized in the Quran is to oppose the enemies of God. You are the virtuous and the others are sinners. You are honest and the others are hypocritical. You are sincere and the others are liars. Heaven, Hell. Good, Evil. Arab, Jew. Islam, West. They simplify the world, make it black and white, bring the students 95 percent of the way and then leave it to them to decide how to confront and oppose the ‘other.’”  …

The first lethal attack on U.S. soil by an Islamic extremist since 9/11 was not an aberration, instead heralding an era of increased homegrown terror both by alienated Muslim immigrants and radicalized converts like Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammed (formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe). Just a few months after his attack, a Denver airport shuttle-bus driver and former New York City pushcart operator named Najibullah Zazi, who traveled to Pakistan to receive Al Qaeda training, was arrested in September 2009 for a plot to bomb the New York City subway system. Within the next year his plot would be followed by the Fort Hood shooter, the Detroit underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber. Yet another attempt to down commercial aircraft with explosive-laden packages was foiled later that year, and once again the investigative trail led back to Yemen and AQAP. Violent jihad had come home to America.

U.S. counterterrorism officials characterize that spate of attacks and plots on the homeland in 2009 and 2010 that began with Carlos Bledsoe as the most significant evolution of the terrorism threat since 9/11, and they ushered in a new era that has come to define counterterrorism operations to this day.

Those of us who serve the Truth have to realize, though, that simply unraveling the Wahabbist influence in our nation isn’t enough.  That ideology recruits the alienated and the disaffected, just like radical Marxism and other destructive cults that provide identity and perceived fellowship to those who have neither to begin with.  As the traditional family and community in America has been heavily damaged by no-fault divorce, absentee fathers, feminism, and state interference with how families raise their children, the pool of aimless and disaffected recruits has grown steadily larger.  Simply removing one way in which people are trying to fill their emptiness (i.e. radical Islam) addresses the symptom, not the problem.  The problem is the spiritual vacuum that now exists in post-Christian America.

Which begs the question: what are WE doing to help these young men and women who are seeking their place in this world find their identity, their hope and their joy in Christ?  May the lamb receive the reward of His suffering… starting with me.”


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