The Mainstream Media Matrix

Far too many of the younger generation confuse entertainment with being informed.  That’s why Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” and Steven Colbert have such a following.  They’ve convinced many that through their programs they can enjoy the snark and still be an informed voter, too.

What a crock.

Jon Stewart — the man who loves to be called a nonpartisan, a scourge of cant, an honest soul who follows the truth wherever it leads — has been secretly taking trips to the White House to receive intense one-on-one lobbying from President Obama.

Austan Goolsbee, a former top economic adviser to the president, frequently emailed with his college classmate Scott Bodow, a “Daily Show” executive producer, to offer spin. Obama flunky David Axelrod often reached out directly to Stewart.

Obama himself would summon Stewart to Washington for meetings.

So much for being an independent humorist, which is the facade Stewart has always hidden behind when someone’s called him out for his more slanted segments.*  He’s nothing more than a popularist for the regime and worldview in power, part of a “Potemkin culture,” as the phrase has been coined over at Instapundit.

But wait!  There’s more!  Have you wondered why you may be hearing about the Planned Parenthood video controversies in your local media, but you’re not seeing much of the videos themselves?  Wonder no more.

It’s telling that Planned Parenthood will hire a high-power PR firm to promote the idea that these videos violate some “privacy right” because an aborted baby is shown… but that’s the extent of human rights they’ll recognize for these murdered children.  If ever there was an example of inconsistent, evil “spin,” that would be it.

I sometimes ponder whether the Bible’s reference to the “prince of the power of the air” was a foreshadowing reference to the power inherent in the media that is broadcast over airwaves.  Because most certainly the power of the mainstream media channels today is being used to reinforce a worldview that is straight out of the pits of hell.  It is propaganda, not information.

Choose your content providers accordingly…

* – Full disclosure: this is the only full segment I’ve ever watched on The Daily Show, and I happened to think it was fairly spot on as well as funny.  Even broken clocks can be right twice a day, I suppose…

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