What to do with those on the move?

I saw the graphic at the bottom of this post online today, and it got me to thinking.  On the one hand, we’re told to treat others as we’d want to be treated, not how they would treat us.  But as I’ve noted before, this is an individual instruction of discipleship.  We are living in an age of literal nations on the move — the current trends are far larger than a simple neighborly dispute between a couple of people.

And I’m not convinced that one can always extrapolate directly from what we as Christians are taught to do as individuals, and what nations are expected to do.  Sure, there is overlap… but nowhere in scripture do I see a command that nations “die to themselves.”  In fact, in the Old Testament there was great emphasis on making sure Israelites didn’t get so intermingled with the rest of the world (i.e. marrying foreigners who didn’t share their faith) that they forgot about Yahweh and His law.  In fact, there was an expectation that those who chose to live among God’s people would live like God’s people.  THAT is an individual concern I can see worth extrapolating to a national one.

America has already traveled a vast distance from the Christian consensus that existed at the founding.  It’s now a confused mass of conflicting and competing worldviews.  The continued importation of tens — even hundreds — of thousands of people from other cultures and faiths is only going to further balkanize our land.  As much as many of us would like to, we simply cannot absorb the entirety of the rest of the world and expect to have anything left for those who already live here, much less those who are coming to share in it (often with no intention of contributing back to that host society).

God, in His wisdom, divided the nations at Babel.  Some of those nations have chosen to follow Him.  Others have not.  And while the Bible clearly shows examples of the “stranger/foreigner” coming to faith and fully integrating with their new people, that process doesn’t tend to happen on the scale of the migrations we’re seeing.

This isn’t intended integration.  It’s an invasion.  And the sooner we realize that and restrict it accordingly, the better… if it’s not too late already.



2 thoughts on “What to do with those on the move?

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