Nobody will be fired this time, either

Surprise, surprise: DEA agents given a slap on the wrist for engaging in sex parties paid for by drug cartels were not only not fired, but apparently received bonuses over the past three years (that were legally barred from being awarded).

Drug Enforcement Agency officials linked to sex parties and prostitutes paid by drug cartels weren’t fired but rewarded with $95,000 in performance bonuses, according to a shocking new report from the Justice Department’s inspector general.

What’s more, the bonuses weren’t allowed.

The 34-page report found that of 14 DEA officials probed in a prior investigation of sexual misconduct, one supervisor was given a whopping $68,600 in bonuses and several others also received bonuses ranging from $1,500-$8,400.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz also revealed that DEA rules prohibited promotions or bonuses to those probed in wrongdoing for three years, though he didn’t find out why the bonuses were provided.

Well, there’s no need to determine why the bonuses were provided.  They were given because there is ZERO accountability in D.C. Mordor, an alternate universe where literally screwing around on the taxpayer’s dime gets you rewarded, not fired.

Other recent examples of this backwards incentive system at work:

It is any wonder that traditional and informed Americans hold their government is such low esteem?  Is it any wonder that the average patriotic taxpayer, like me, is thinking the only way accountability will ever be restored is if the citizenry rise up against their own entrenched elites?  I hate to say it, but that same self-serving ruling class has created a situation where it will not surprise me if, in my lifetime, a substantial number of ‘officials’ end up tarred and feathered, swinging from lamposts or targeted in general as a warning to the others.  Note that I am not advocating such — just saying that when the game is as rigged as it obviously now is, historically there are consequences.  When ‘representative government’ fails even to remotely represent anyone other than an isolated bunch of elite parasites bleeding the country dry, one should expect a response.  When the ‘intelligentsia’ work overtime to discredit honest discourse in search of the most appropriate and beneficial public policy, one should expect a response.

As a famous (but increasingly ignored) book says, “you reap what you sow,” whether Inspectors General are rendered toothless by corruption or not…

I agree with others who assess we are entering a new Dark Ages, devoid of true reason, Truth or the freedoms we came to take for granted over the past two centuries.  But I have this encouragement: provided the Lord does not return, He will always provide a remnant and the seeds for His Truth to regrow.  Sooner or later, Evil always overreaches itself.


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