What invasion looks like

Examine the images in this article. Despite the media’s fixation on any women and children they can find (including the one pictured after being pepper sprayed by those mean Europeans), if you look at the crowd shots they’re overwhelmingly young men.

European civilization (what’s left of it after thorough secularization) is being betrayed by its leadership. Everyone acts shocked–shocked!–at the numbers of migrants headed to the continent. But surely this was an anticipated consequence of essentially throwing out the welcome mat with no conditions.

Europe’s leaders are siding with the invaders against their own people. The same is happening in the United States. Every people has a right to determine for themselves the type of society they wish to create and live in. And no leader, elected or not, has the right to give the neighborhood away to others who do not share that vision in any way. Leaders who try to do so should rightfully be tried for treason — for failing to protect the welfare of those they were empowered to serve.

If it seems I’m becoming more outspoken and hardline on this issue, it’s only because I am. We are NOT “the world.” We are a conglomeration of widely varying societies with vastly different standards and norms. As such, people groups are not interchangeable parts. And despite the guilt complex heaped on Western Civilization over the past century, there is no virtue in societal suicide. Nor is there any point in weeping over the many migrants who may die on the road this winter when it was the misguided open door policy of our idiotic leaders who encouraged them to start the journey to begin with. If you want to stop the misery of migrants, discourage them from becoming migrants at all.


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