They both have a point

As I’ve said before, I don’t watch the primary “debates” because as a former competitive debater it insults me that they use that term.  These are orchestrated talking point matches, not debates.  I do, however, pick up on the coverage/fallout from these verbal wrestling spectacles.

Apparently, Marco Rubio got to point out that a question he was asked by one of the leftist operatives moderators was one they didn’t dare ask his Democratic predecessors.  I’m all for pointing out the plethora of double standards that exist in the corporate media today, so bravo Mr. Rubio.

But let’s look at the issue itself for a moment.  Selective coverage aside, the fact that our political class constantly runs for other offices while supposedly serving in the one they hold is a HUGE problem.  It’s the ultimate symptom of the careerist approach to politics, where grasping for the next ring comes at the expense of serving people where you are.  It’s common for a presidential or vice presidential candidate to run concurrently for the Senate seat they hold (Joe Biden did this as recently as 2008).  Everyone loves the idea of a consolation prize, but one effect of this is to create additional expense to the taxpayer via ‘special elections’ that have to be held once the game of musical chairs is settled.

This is baloney.  If you truly feel you’re the best candidate for a position, put your money where your mouth is and run for that office without a fallback position.  In fact, we ought to bar anyone serving in an elective office from running for any other office before their current term expires.  Yes, that would mean politicos would have gaps in their office-holding years.


Make this insular, isolated, incestuous political class actually leave the cloister of D.C. Mordor occasionally and do something in the “real world.”  Maybe experiencing the ups and downs of life like the rest of us would help them relate to the people they allegedly serve.


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