The States stepping up?

Obama is intent on continuing to import a replacement electorate, no matter what the security risks may be:

America will not halt its efforts to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, one of President Obama’s top security advisers said on Sunday.

In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said that America has “expansive screening procedures” for accepting refugees who are fleeing from ISIS-related violence.

Considering we can’t even seem to screen our own security clearance personnel that well anymore, I highly doubt there’s a well-oiled machine in place to prevent ISIS from ‘coming to America’ as part of this wave of new Democratic voters-in-waiting.  But at least some chief executives aren’t so blind to the risks:

     Governor Snyder: No More Syrian Refugees in Michigan

     Alabama Governor Refuses to Relocate Syrian Refugees in State

I can guarantee the Feds will do all they can to disregard any resistance at the State level.  We are in the end stages of a deliberate effort to transform the American electorate that began with the 1965 Immigration Act.  And if accelerating that process includes the real risk of ISIS coming ashore, it will be overlooked because The One is in his final year of power and knows a backlash is coming once he’s out of office.  His mission to “fundamentally transform” America trumps all other considerations — including the safety of your family and mine.

Americans were ready to resist the forced importation of illegally naturalized immigrants in recent years.  How much more should they be ready to do so, given the current security state of the world?  Nothing in our Constitution should be construed as giving Uncle Sam the right to dump tens of thousands of aliens willy-nilly across America.  If we aren’t willing to stand up to a government that refuses to listen to just concerns over security (including economic security — there aren’t enough jobs for those of us already here!), our nation is lost.  It is OUR country — it doesn’t belong to our would-be rulers who are more than willing to give it away!

May more governors lead where our national leaders are failing to do so.  And may the people of their States fully support them.  Forget pleading with D.C. to do the right thing — call your State leadership today and demand they follow the example of Michigan and AlabamaThen help them make the refusal stick!


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