Qualified to be president?

It appears that a Marine officer may be:

A senior Navy Department official decided Monday to force a Marine Corps officer out of the service for his handling of classified information, three years after he was first investigated after sending a warning to deployed colleagues about an Afghan police chief whose servant later killed three Marines.

(Major Jason) Brezler’s case first came to light after he sent an e-mail with a couple classified documents attached to Marines in Afghanistan about Jan. Brezler was deployed to Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010, and had worked successfully to have Jan removed from power in another district, Now Zad. Brezler self-reported his spillage of classified information afterward, and the service found that he had been keeping it on an unsecured hard drive.

Clearly, Brezler violated the rules for handling classified info.  His storage and transmission of such information via non-secure means appears at least in part to have been a good-faith effort to warn others of a very real threat that later materialized.  If the linked story is to be believed, he at least had the integrity both to take that action and then report his own breach of procedure.

As a nation, we have become far too lax in dealing with those who violate the trust placed in them for handling classified and sensitive information.  Because of this, I would ordinarily support the Navy Department’s decision to force out this Marine, despite whatever good intentions he may have had.

But not when General David Petraeus was only given a $40,000 fine and no jail time at all for allowing inappropriate access to eight notebooks of highly classified information.  While $40,000 sounds like a lot, it’s a little more than two months’ retirement pay for a 4-star general, and Petraeus’ net worth overall is estimated at more than $2 million.  Major Brezler, on the other hand, will not receive a retirement, and will likely be barred from the kind of lucrative post-military career options Petraeus has enjoyed.

Not when Hillary Clinton is still a free woman, campaigning for the presidency.  Her willful circumvention of the normal government information systems (which only make sense if she was trying to avoid normal archiving, and thus public accountability) was as reckless as simply handing every hacker and foreign government on the planet a back door view into our nation’s most sensitive conversations.  She cannot plead ignorance to the gravity of her decision, either.  While the State Department has been as slow as it can get away with in releasing what should already be matters of public record, the steady drip of revelations clearly shows utter disregard for safeguarding American secrets.

Considering her disregard for safeguarding American lives in Libya, I suppose that should come as no surprise.

What absolutely infuriates me about the juxtaposition of these stories is that it confirms once again there is no “equality before the law” in our land.  There is one measure of token accountability for show applied to those in positions of power.  Then there is the “full weight of the law,” reserved for the mid-grade officers and enlisted members of the military, or the small family business owner suddenly afoul of the IRS or EPA, or  victims of government theft ‘civil asset forfeiture.’  In other words, the average citizen without political connections who, in the words of George Bailey, “do most of the working and paying and living and dying” in this country.  They’re never considered “too big to fail,” or “too big to jail” — phrases that should say all that’s needed about how skewed our jurisprudence is today.

So while a Marine major is losing his job for breaking the rules to warn his comrades of danger, Hillary is an election away from the highest office in the land.  If we had a free press worthy of the name, somebody would ask Her Hillariness to comment on the Brezler case.  Don’t worry: I’m not holding my breath.

It boggles my mind that anybody still thinks the Hildabeast is worthy of the Oval Office.  But maybe they’re right.  Given how far the rule of law, accountability and common sense has degenerated in this once-great nation, in the words of the candidate herself: “what difference, at this point, does it make?”


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