Meet the new year — same as the old year?

It will be if Americans continue to fail to hold their ‘leaders’ accountable:

This ain’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party; nor is this the party of Tip O’Neill or even Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer of the early ‘90s who supported border security and religious freedom respectively.  This is the party of transgenders, illegal aliens, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the party of licentiousness, totalitarianism, and post-Americanism.

And as the linked article shows, there literally is no difference between the establishment GOP and this radicalized Democratic Party:

Last November, Americans went out and voted for a GOP Congress. Out popped Democrat policies, much like the rigged ballot machines in Maryland that would render Republican votes as Democratic ones.  As Chuck Schumer jubilantly declared following the omnibus bill, “the bills we’re passing reflect Democratic values.”  He boasted that “even though we’re in the minority, we are passing a program that we have been for all along.”

Both parties need to be destroyed: the Democrats because they have become little more than a fifth column of godless, anarchistic anti-Americanism, and the GOP because it has assumed the role of enabler to the other.  Thanks to both elements of the bi-factional ruling party, Obama has had a clear path for “fundamentally transforming” America — and NOT for the better.

Those who love this country must realize the political process is primarily a charade, a means of providing a veneer of “consent” for things our elites plan to do regardless.  But do you really consent to a flood tide of immigration from regions whose culture and religion are so fundamentally different from ours that there is little chance of ‘coexistence?’  Do you consent to the continued collusion of government and big business, leading to bailouts that result in heads they win, tails you foot the losses?  Do you consent to policies that allow businesses to replace Americans with lower-paid foreign “guest” workers?  Do you consent to being told your daughters have no choice but to share restrooms with deranged individuals who can’t accept that God gave them a Y chromosome, and demand everyone else play along with their fantasies?  Do you consent to being forced to affirm every opinion, no matter how fact-challenged, or face the full weight of the State because you ‘offended’ someone (that wasn’t an orthodox Christian, that is–after all, we’re fair game in this current system)?

We have witnessed in this country a revolution by those who would call evil good, and good evil.    It will take no less of a revolution to heal this land.  The battle ultimately is not ours, but at the same time we each have to be willing to participate — and to pay a cost.  To be called names.  To lose opportunities, friendships, even family, because of the willingness to stand up and say “Truth is truth, regardless the wandering ideas of men.”  The individual fear of repercussions is the greatest enabler of the Enemy.  For you see, we outnumber them.  Even if ‘alone.’  The day we truly remember, believe and act on that, the Enemy must flee.

This year’s election will dominate many discussions, but we must remember that our battle is not merely with a corrupted political system.  It is with the nihilistic, self-destructive ideologies promoted by the principalities of this fallen world.  It is with a mindset that will equate climate change heterodoxy with the mass murder of Jews, but will not say a word about the veins of Islamic thought from which spring one mass murder after another.  It is with a pernicious lie that is lodged so deep in the human hope of creating our own version of Heaven that even its consistently bloody track record fails to dislodge it.  What good does it do to defeat Her Hillariness on the ballot, if the ideas and culture that animate her and countless others continue to hold sway?  This cannot be about personalities alone, loathsome or laudible as some of them may be at times.  It must be first and foremost about Truth.

The Truth that while we are created with equal worth in God’s eyes, we are not created the same.
The Truth that not all beliefs are created equal; that some lead to freedom and others to bondage.
The Truth that man is not the measure of all things, and there are moral laws that transcend our personal preferences.
The Truth that the Creator values all human life, and also holds us accountable for what we do with it.
The Truth that when we fail to hold each other accountable — particularly our leaders — the fallen nature of humanity always defaults to a course of self-destruction.

Happy New Year to all.  Remember: you’re only ‘just’ a pawn if you meekly accept the role.  There’s plenty of frustration with the way things are going today.  The question of the year is what are we going to do about it?


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