Kissing the snake

Yes, blogging has been light lately.  It’s not that I haven’t been keeping up with the news.  Rather, it’s increasingly tiresome to try to put into thoughtful commentary the absolute rage I feel against those who are allowing our country, and Western Civilization in general, to be overrun and destroyed.  It seems the Fifth Columnists dominate the levers of power right now, and I only see it getting worse.  This post is dedicated to all those who believe that the diminution of Christian influence and the corresponding rise of secularism, in a strange alliance with Islam, is somehow a good thing.  As they say, be careful what you wish for.


Public high schoolers taken to Islamic center for indoctrination (Where are the field trips to Focus on the Family or the local Southern Baptist church? ‘Separation of church and state’ seems mighty selective these days.)

In what I’m sure is completely unrelated news, a middle-class Oxford student was recruited into fighting for ISIS in Syria

In Europe, not only are gangs of ‘young‘ asylum seekers running amok and assaulting women, with the police helpless to stop it, but now if you try to stop it yourself you’ll face a fine.  (Where are all the radical feminists who like to talk about an alleged ‘rape culture‘ in America?  Guess your posturing is only for use against those who aren’t truly violent, eh?  Meanwhile, it shouldn’t be hard for governments to figure out that if they demonstrate conclusively they won’t protect people, eventually people will take matters into their own hands… even if the propagandists call them ‘extremists.’)

And apparently, even Middle Easterners born in Europe (rather than new arrivals) are now getting into the act of attacking (and killing) women.

These incidents above are just the tip of the iceberg.  What’s more, Western governments are literally displacing their own people to make room for more of these ‘refugees.’ (How can any government who does such things claim even a shred of legitimacy?)

Here at home, the TSA (mascot: Barney Fife crossbred with Sgt. Schultz) continues to poke and prod Americans to condition them to subservience, but is developing a habit of letting foreigners enter the country with no Customs screening. (Yes, I know the article says both times passengers were ‘asked’ to return to the airport to complete the process.  I’m sure everyone will sleep soundly knowing that’s a highly effective way of detecting threats.)

We’ve been warned about our folly.  But it seems our ‘betters’ refuse to listen.  Maybe they think they are immune to the societal destruction their policies are causing.  But they should consider that their citizens have long memories… and have dealt with Quislings before.

Wake up, people!


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