The power of advertising

Doritos takes fire from abortionists for daring to portray a human fetus as… human:

The largest pro-abortion group in the country had this to say:


I’ll give them this: I get tired of the clueless dad advertising meme as well.  But “humanizing fetuses” as an “anti-choice tactic?”  Here they have tipped their hand.  They know full well that the war on the unborn — like any war — requires dehumanization of the intended victims.  This is why they fight requirements for waiting periods and ultrasounds before abortion.  They have to fight to suppress truth and reality itself — even if only glimpsed obliquely in a silly snack commercial during the Superbowl. This is why, in our corrupted world, those who expose the ugly reality of abortion and the selling of baby parts are being prosecuted instead of those they exposed.

If America ever recovers its conscience and fully understands that aborting a child is snuffing out a human life with all its potential, then it will have to wrestle with the fact that the more than 50 million abortions over the last four decades is a holocaust on par with the crimes of Stalin and Mao.

Which should not be hard to understand, since Moloch serves the same master as Marx.


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